75 Hours Home Care Aide Training (For Home Care Agency)

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This course is best suited for those working for home care agencies. The training does not include Classroom Dementia and Mental Health Specialty Training. Specialty Training is not a required component of the 75-hour training but if you work in assisted living facility or an adult family home you are going to be required to have a Specialty certificate. The following classes make up the 75 hours:

  • Orientation Training: 2 hours of introductory information orienting new workers to the care setting and job.
  • Safety Training: 3 hours of introductory information on safety practices.
  • Core basic training58 hours Training covering the basic skills and information needed to provide hands on personal care.
  • Population specific basic training12 hours Training tailored to a specific group of clients and their unique care needs due to their disease, condition and/or stage of life. Population specific training includes:

Nurse Delegation Core Basic: (9 hours):

    • This course provides basics for RN delegated tasks such as medication assistance, and patient specific procedures per rules and regulations regarding nurse delegation.
  • Nurse Delegation; Special Focus on Diabetes: (3 hours)

This self-study course is designed for nursing assistants who:

  • Are registered or certified (NA-R’s or NA-C’s).
  • Have successfully completed the Nurse Delegation for Nursing Assistants Self-Study Training Course.
  • Need this additional, required training to administer insulin injections under nurse delegation

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