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54 Hour Core Basics Training (OJT)

54 hour Core Basics Training (OJT)

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54 hours Core Basic Training – Online DSHS Approved:


Washington Care Academy is one of only 2 other programs approved by DSHS to provide online interactive Core Basics Training.


  • We utilize a video software that is interactive and tracks analytics. Our video training is tracked on student engagement and is personalized for every student. We are able to measure learning retention in understanding how well students grasp materials with embedded quizzes. We are able to engage in a one on one learning outcome based on each video training feedback.
  • The training also includes the requirement to attend a 2-day, 12 hour Skills Lab where you will practice hands-on care-giving skills with an Instructor and fellow classmates. You may attend Day 1 and Day 2 of the skills lab consecutively or split them up. The class schedule is posted on the website calendar.
  • Skills Labs are held in Kent, Seattle, Tacoma Bellevue and Olympia.

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