Specialty Training

Dementia and Mental Health Specialty Training

Dementia and Mental Health Specialty Training can only be taught in a live classroom, NOT online. This training can be used to fulfill the ‘Population Specific’ requirement of the 75 hours of training required to become licensed as a Home Care Aide (HCA) in Washington State.

If you plan to take your HCA training with Washington Care Academy and wish to use Specialty Training to fulfill the Population Specific component you should purchase the following courses:

$20 – Orientation and Safety Training
$80 – Dementia Specialty Training
$70 – Mental Health Specialty Training
$250 – Core Basic Bundle

The online option fulfills the Population Specific requirement and is sufficient to obtain a 75 hour certificate enabling the caregiver to test to become licensed as an HCA. It does NOT generate a Specialty certificate. If you work in an assisted living community or an adult family home you will most likely require this training. Click HERE for WAC 388-122-0165.

We are currently teaching the NEW Dementia curriculum for DSHS and at this time their curriculum only encompasses one test and one certificate that functions as either a Caregiver or a Manager certificate. Therefore anyone taking our Dementia course will essentially receive a certificate that can function as a Manager certificate.

You will receive a confirmation email from the main office with 24-48 hours of purchase confirming your purchase and your date and location selection. We will provide you with the class location and time as well as send you an email reminder one week prior to the class date. Dementia classes are 9am to 5pm, Mental Health is always 9am to 5pm.



Location: Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue



Location: Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue