Home Care Aide Training

My name is Faduma Mursal, I’m an RN with my BSN and I started Washington Care Academy (www.washingtoncareacademy.com) in 2018 in recognizing the need for an affordable online option for DSHS approved home care aide training.  I’ve been a Registered Nurse for 8+ years and have trained over 3,000+ home care aide and nursing assistants.


Washington Care Academy is the complete self-paced interactive online Home Care Aide training program: Our training is;

  • DSHS Approved interactive Online 75 hour Home Care Aide Training.
  • 95% of the Training is Online with Only 2 days of Hands on Skills class.
  • We are an Approved Washington State Vocational School by Washington Vocational school board.

For more information please visit www.washingtoncareacademy.com


What makes our program different?

  • 95% of our 75 hour home care aide training is online interactive self-paced.
  • Our student success rate is the highest as we prioritized customer satisfaction.
    • Please check out our Google reviews to prove it.
  • We offer 100% money back guaranteed if student is not certified.


We know how expensive training new home care aide worker can be and that is why our goal is to help Adult Family Homes, Assisted Living Facilities and Home Care Agencies overcome training obstacles. We are offering 100% money back guaranteed if your caregiver leaves within 3 months of being trained.


For enrollment information please visit www.washingtoncareacademy.com or call/text me at 206-306-6588


Thank you,

Faduma Mursal, RN, BSN

Director of Training: Washington Care Academy

Cell Phone: 206-306-6588


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